Sacred Parasite was established in 2023 to publish the most exciting books from Berlin and beyond. All SP books are printed in Berlin at a shop in Prenzlauer Berg whose owners are former musicians. When you support Sacred Parasite, you support their business as well.

Further printings of SP books are never ruled out. If made, each will differ from its predecessor, meaning each print run is limited, unique, utterly collectible.

All Sacred Parasite authors will have one thing and one thing only in common: an inhuman commitment to quality.

Sacred Parasite is edited and designed by Kevin Tosca. He can be reached at parasitebooks[at]

*ANGEBOT: If you'd like to add any PRE-SP books to your Sacred Parasite order (an order of one or more SP books), write to me first and I'll take 50% off the PRE-SP's book's price.

*REMINDER: If price is ever the only issue keeping you from holding one of these books in your hands and realizing the truth of the warning below, write to me.

*WARNING: Professional photographers have not been employed. These books are much better-looking than they appear on your screen.